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In a market driven by cultural influences (and influencers),
we stand out as a leader in valuing New Media art objects.

Given the explosive growth in the digital art market, many people have questions about the digital art space. Our expertise across the traditional fine art market as well as the emerging digital marketplace provides historical and market context for our clients’ collections. NMAA’s Qualified Appraisal Reports are informed by deep curatorial knowledge of new media art—from non-fungible tokens (NFTs), video art, virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR) to installation and immersive art experiences.  We track academic and current market trends in the new media art space to provide confidence to our clients.


Obtaining a Qualified Appraisal Report every three to five years can help shepherd a collection’s curatorial growth and support the collection’s artists.

Every art collector wants to feel secure in their investments while supporting artists they admire. Collections of digital art often exist beyond physical space, which makes monitoring new media collections all the more important. Documentation and value data are key to keeping collections of new media art secure. When questions related to insurance, estates, and bank loan collateralization arise, we work in tandem with collectors to appropriately consider the collection’s unique value attributes.


An agile response in a market known for its fast-pace.

Our rigorous Appraisal reports combine photographic documentation, art descriptions and robust research with comparable data-points, and clear value analysis to produce qualified IRS and USPAP conforming Appraisal Reports. With a clear, up-front fee structure and user-designated reporting, our qualified Appraisal Reports clearly disclose how we arrived at our value and who is authorized to use the appraisal report.



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